An update & an invitation to our house warming!

May Update24The beginning of May meant the beginning of our contract with our new job at Thembalitsha Foundation. We are still in the Western Cape but doing our training out of town in Grabouw and Somerset West which means that our work on the house is now limited to weekends and time is ticking on as we try our best to get the house rentable by the end of May. Of course getting the house rentable to other people is a lot more work than just getting it liveable for ourselves. Continue reading


Exciting updates and a surprising announcement

May update_122I decided not to wait quite as long as last time to give everyone an update on our house, mostly because Cam has been working like crazy and so much has changed in the last few weeks.

I thought it might be easiest to go through each section of the house and show you the progress. So here goes: Continue reading

A long overdue update: in which our house get doors, ceilings walls and more…

Firstly, apologies for the silence. We have been away a lot and life has been a little non-stop. Cam has had tons of rock climbing guiding work which is fantastic for him and his business but has made progress on the house a little slower. None the less he is doing an amazing job and the house has changed so much since you last saw it.

When we left off the last blog we had just finished insulating the containers and had cut back the excess foam. The next step was to paint the foam. We are planning on putting wooden cladding around the exterior but figured that grey would look better through the gaps in the wood then the yellow.


We painted it all grey (left) and then will continue with the cladding (right) once the interior is a little further. We also have a front door! Hooray!

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A Few Hiccups and the Spray Foam Spaceman

Insulation_9Every one we meet up with these days asks – “How’s the house going?”… and to be totally honest it’s all been a bit much. The house is finally insulated and looks like a dwelling from another planet at the moment, but it’s been a much longer and more expensive process getting to this point than we hoped. Cam has been on a number of intensive training courses for his guiding business (19 days in total!) which has slowed things down, and the insulation team upped their prices and had to push things out by a week.

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We have walls… on hinges!

There are two questions that we are getting asked all the time. “Are you connecting the two containers?” and “Are you insulating them?”. The answers are “yes” and “definitely yes!”. Here’s a little bit more about how we are going to do that and what it’s meant to look like once we’re done. To give you a bit of perspective, here is our proposed floor plan… it changes all the time but this is how it looks at the moment:Smith Container floor plan

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Window Shopping

A lot has happened in the last 10 days but there has also been a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’.

We have started an Instagram account with regular updates – if you’re on Instagram follow us: @smallerhouse_biggerlife.


Once the containers were delivered and put in place, the next step was to cut holes for doors and windows. But to do this we had to know the sizes of our doors and windows. So we went window shopping… Continue reading