An update & an invitation to our house warming!

May Update24The beginning of May meant the beginning of our contract with our new job at Thembalitsha Foundation. We are still in the Western Cape but doing our training out of town in Grabouw and Somerset West which means that our work on the house is now limited to weekends and time is ticking on as we try our best to get the house rentable by the end of May. Of course getting the house rentable to other people is a lot more work than just getting it liveable for ourselves.

So, we aren’t sure how far along we will be, but we would like to invite you to our house warming/container house open day on Saturday the 23rd of May. Feel free to pop in and say hi and look around anytime between 11:00 & 16:00. As you can see we have a lovely deck so bring some drinks and a snack and we’d love to see you! If you are feeling crafty, let me know because there will be some odd jobs that we would love help with like pimping our fridge!

This invitation is open to anyone, from old friends to secret blog followers we have never met. However, please do let me know below if you are planning on coming along and leave your email address so I can send you more details.

Below are a few photos from the work that Cam and his dad did this weekend while I worked with his mom on the blinds and the cushions, but that’s a surprise for the next update, hopefully it will be a beautiful decor focused blog post.

May Update2

The dining room is finished & Cam installed my Milnerton market find – the perfect light fitting for only R50! The cushions & blinds are sewn & ready to go in and our table should be finished soon. On the right is the amazing shower base Cam created & the lovely second hand mirror we picked up for a bargain.

May Update22

This is what I spent most of my weekend doing – lots of measuring, pinning, ironing and sewing. Feeling grateful to my Mum for a wonderful sewing machine for my 21st, it’s finally getting some good use, and to my second Mum for spending the whole weekend helping me. Sewing is not for sissies!


May Update23

There are one or two small tweaks needed but the exterior of the house is pretty much done. It’s looking so great, we just need some deck chairs now!

I like to end off my posts with a little inspiration for those interested in building with shipping containers. This article has some amazing houses that I haven’t seen before and some great advice: What These 10 Shipping Container Home Owners Wish They’d Known Before Building Their Home. 

Have a fantastic week everyone!


15 thoughts on “An update & an invitation to our house warming!

  1. Hey Guys,
    Well done!! The place looks awesome – unfortunately, Silas is having his 4th B’day party on the 23rd so we won’t be able to come say hi.
    All the best with the new job and year ahead 🙂


  2. Hi S&C

    I have been interested in this new form of building for awhile now. It makes so much sense for young people starting out that can’t afford the ludicrous house prices in SA. Do you know of companies that will help design and build container homes with you?

    This story was a great read and good luck to you two in your upcoming adventures.


    • Hi Bevan! Thanks for getting in touch 🙂 I’ve sent your message on to my hubby and he said he would drop you an email with some ideas. If you do decide to go ahead and build a container home, please keep us in the loop! We would love to know how it goes!


  3. Hi Sophie. Loving the blog! Ever since I’ve heard of the Tiny House Movement, flatbed trailer homes and shipping container houses, I’ve been obsessed. My parents wan’t to sell their big farm house in the Lowveld and build something smaller just for them (since all their children have been out of the house for ages). I’m referring them to your blog for advice and tips 🙂


    • Great to hear from you Mia! I’m so glad you have enjoyed the blog, and that you are excited about the small house movement. There are some really cool tiny house Instagram accounts if you are interested, with lots of great ideas for using small spaces well. If your parents do decide to do a tiny house project, I would love to hear about it!


  4. Hi Sophie, thank you so much for sharing this process! I actually found this blog while doing some research on building houses made of shipping containers. I was looking for a shipping container supplier, I found Niel from Containerworx and he asked me to check out your blog, I’m so glad I did. I have a couple of questions though, how did you do the plumbing and the electricity wiring up done?


    • Hi Carmelle. Thanks for getting in touch and check out the blog. I see that you said you were going to come along on Saturday. It will probably be easiest to show you then. The short answer is we just cut holes and connected the pipes and wires.


  5. This is absolutely great, so inspiring to see how you are pulling this off. Would you mind sharing your budget and a rough idea of how much was put into it?


    • Ooh and another question, are there any building regulations or any legal requirements to building a container home in South Africa? (sorry If I am reposting I thought I saw this being answered somewhere on your blog but cant find this now..) 🙂


  6. Hi Sophie
    Was nice meeting you on Saturday. After seeing your place it has inspired us even more.
    Could you please pass the information below to Cameron
    Lee Clarke
    (021) 8561535
    This is the contact I spoke to Cameron about, he is currently building a basement, 1st and 2nd floor house and has gone through the whole process from the plan stage to the building stage.

    Regards Nigel / Adelaide


  7. Hi Sophie
    Will it be possible to send me your info. We are planning on building a container house in Gordons Baai and would love to have a chat with you guys.
    Zelda & Michael


    • Hi Zelda

      Sorry for the late reply, our internet situation has been awful so the blog took a bit of a back seat. Please drop me a line on the contact form on the About page and we’d love to help you out however we can!


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