Exciting updates and a surprising announcement

May update_122I decided not to wait quite as long as last time to give everyone an update on our house, mostly because Cam has been working like crazy and so much has changed in the last few weeks.

I thought it might be easiest to go through each section of the house and show you the progress. So here goes:


May update_

Amazing what a lick of white paint can do! Also down lighters in the kitchen.

May update_2

Cam sourced lovely sugar gum wood for our countertops from a local saw mill here in Hout Bay and him and his dad spent the last few evenings putting together the counter tops for the kitchen.

May update_3

The kitchen is looking fantastic!

Dining Room (and study)

May update_4

Another transformation once it was painted, and the cornice finishes the ceilings off nicely.

May update_5

A slightly wider shot to show the dining room as it is at the moment. You can see the storage units under the benches and the study on the right which is a storage room at the moment.

May update_6

The carpet is down in the bedroom and the bed base is in place. This base will have drawers in it and it’s just waiting for a board and a mattress. On the right you can see the kitchen/lounge through the bedroom door.


May update_7

We’ve got electricity all wired up! These are the bedroom lights and the bedside lights.


May update_8

The bathroom is coming along nicely. The shower is waterproofed and just needs the floor slats and fixtures. I painted a lovely ceramic sink at the Clay Cafe for the bathroom so I’m excited to see how it comes out.

We have been really blessed by friends in our life who have been so generous with their time and energy – especially Claire and Craig. Claire and I spent a whole day exploring the cavernous fabric shops of Woodstock in search of fabric for cushions, chairs and blinds and then another whole day cutting and sewing.

Craig came by today and did an amazing job on our cladding, what a machine, it’s great to see the exterior starting to look a bit smarter.


May update_9

Claire and I sewing blinds. On the right are some of the fabrics we bought.

May update_10

Craig working hard on the cladding – what a legend!

May update_12So that’s the update. Now for the news. For those people who don’t know, Cam and I are moving to the Eastern Cape. We have accepted a job position as project managers for a community development project in Adelaide (a tiny South African farming town, not the Australian city). And the first question everyone asks is “But what about the house?”. Well, as you can see, we are still trying really hard to get it finished. Although it is mobile, we won’t be taking the house with us. It will stay in Hout Bay where we will hopefully find the right tenant, or possibly even a buyer if anyone is really keen. Although we are sad to not be moving in after all this hard work, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try and make a difference in Adelaide. And after all, we’ll be back and the house will still be here when we do get back.

That’s all for now, but another update will come soon!



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