A long overdue update: in which our house get doors, ceilings walls and more…

Firstly, apologies for the silence. We have been away a lot and life has been a little non-stop. Cam has had tons of rock climbing guiding work which is fantastic for him and his business but has made progress on the house a little slower. None the less he is doing an amazing job and the house has changed so much since you last saw it.

When we left off the last blog we had just finished insulating the containers and had cut back the excess foam. The next step was to paint the foam. We are planning on putting wooden cladding around the exterior but figured that grey would look better through the gaps in the wood then the yellow.


We painted it all grey (left) and then will continue with the cladding (right) once the interior is a little further. We also have a front door! Hooray!

Cam put up a bit of the cladding so we can see what it will look like. Soon this will cover the majority of the exterior, but for now, the interior is the priority. Before we could get too serious about the interior, we had to get the house all sealed up so we got our front door in, all the last pieces of glass installed, and Cam got the plywood base of the floor of the bridge in. Then we could get cracking with the interior…


Our bedroom cupboard and the wall divider between the bedroom & kitchen (left) and our dining room benches/storage units. Please note the lovely ceilings and walls!


Our shower base being crafted by Cam out of wood & polyurethane. Waterproof paint and wooden slats still to come. On the right you can see our bathroom with a washing machine slot, a counter and shower in the bottom corner.


We just couldn’t wait to have friends over for dinner even though things aren’t quite ready so we had a picnic in the dining room (left). Since then Cam has put in the central floor base and our kitchen units!

Other progress that isn’t in the photos is that there is running water, the geyser is installed, all the electrics are in place, including our kitchen down lighters, and the electrician is coming tomorrow to give us power!

The next few things to think about are our light fittings, the carpet in the bedroom, finishing the shower, the floor boards and ceiling in the central living area and painting the walls. We are still trying to decide what to do to the walls, we had a great suggestion on Instagram to whitewash them, or else we may try wallpaper, or even using fabric as wallpaper. As usual we are totally figuring things out as we go, but that’s part of the fun.

We are hoping to have moved in within the next few weeks so things should be moving pretty fast now and I’ll try and do a better job of regular updates. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch, asking questions and encouraging us on this crazy endeavour! More news soon…


9 thoughts on “A long overdue update: in which our house get doors, ceilings walls and more…

  1. Dear wonderful beings! I am on the same adventure! We are have just moved into cabins, day 43, we completed our bathroom and have a shower with hot water / flushing toilet, bliss.

    You can follow my blog : midlandshouseofhealing.wordpress.com

    Awesome Adventuring!


  2. Fabric looks classy on walls and absorbs sound. Also quick to put up with stapler. I was only wondering yesterday how you were getting on with the house. It looks good!

    Lots of love grandma xx

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Awesome work done there Sophie and Cam…..there are some lovely textured natural looking wallpaper available nowadays, have a look around before painting! Looking forward to the next update
    Love Claire Keyser (LIsa’s Mom)
    Regards to the folks by the way and where are they living now?


    • Hi Claire, great to hear from you! Thanks for the advice 🙂 I’ll definitely send love to my folks, they have recently moved back to the UK! You are looking gorgeous, it looks like you are just loving your grandkids 🙂


  4. Hello Sophie

    I hope this gets to you as I don’t seem to be able to find your regular mail address.

    Frances tells me that you are expecting a baby so I send my love and good wishes to you and Cameron.

    I hope you are feeling well and not too nauseous. And that you are eating lots of nutritious food. When I was expecting Frances I ate jars full or is that jar fulls of pickled cucumbers and then drank the vinegar.

    Your parents are thrilled at your news as is normal. It is ironic that they have now moved to England but that’s the way things go.

    Love to you both

    Grandma Jennifer

    Sent from my iPad



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